Helping Jell-O Jiggle Again

    Just recently, we did a case study about Jell-O. Who is “we”? We are “Bibbhino Consulting”. Our team consisted of Bennett, Fariha, Philip, and myself. Bibbhino means “Diverse” in Bengali. We did a case study about Jell-O because as you might know, Jell-O is currently unpopular. It used to be a popular snack for mainly kids but now it is rarely seen. For example: When our Business class was asked if we recently had Jell-O, barely anyone put their hand up. That is why our consulting company was asked to help Jell-O become popular again!

images    Since Jell-O is unpopular, we came up with new ideas for Jell-O. Our ideas for Jell-O were Jell-O cosmetics, Jell-O stores, and Keeping the jiggle. The plan for Jell-O cosmetics were to make cosmetic products for Jell-O, such as makeup, perfume, lip gloss, etc. This would attract more children because they would enjoy these types of products. Our idea for Jell-O stores were to open stores that sell only Jell-O products. With this idea, we could also create new products to sell for Jell-O, not just food. This would give many opportunities as Jell-O could test new creations and see if they would sell or not. Lastly, keeping Jell-O the same was our last alternative. This would be appropriate because Jell-O is a well known brand so leaving it the same may be the right choice. The alternative we found to be most reasonable was Jell-O stores. Jell-O stores would be the best choice because if the stores were a success, it would bring the most success. If we could get reasonable prices on the products, customers would buy more than one product at the same time, bringing Jell-O a lot of money. One con to this idea is that if the stores were not successful, a lot of money would be wasted on getting the stores ready, making Jell-O lose even more money.

In conclusion, this case study on Jell-O was very fun and useful. It taught us a lot about business and how there are real life situations just like this one. I would definitely not mind doing another case study in the future!


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