The Importance of Keyboarding


In the time we are living in now, keyboarding is a very useful skill. For students, their assignments will have to be handed in typed so being able to keyboard quick would be very beneficial. Also, you must be able to keyboard quick so that you can become a teacher. I personally think that keyboarding quickly and accurately is a necessity in our society.

For most jobs, keyboarding is a good skill to have. Jobs that use computers often require keyboarding as an important skill. An example is a Computer Programmer. Keyboarding is a good skill to have because computers won’t be going away anytime soon. Technology will advance greatly over the next few years so learning to type would be important. Also, why type slow when you can learn to type quickly and get used to it? If you are able to type quick, tasks and jobs that require typing documents or assignments can be completed faster. Typing fast also saves a lot of time. In some situations, you may have limited time to type something so being able to type fast will ensure that you finish.

Another thing that relates to typing is mobile typing speed. Mobile typing speed is how fast you can type on a mobile device, such as your smartphone. Mobile typing speed would be important in situations where a computer is not available, so you have to type on your phone. Also, this means you can finish tasks on the go. An example is while riding the bus. These are the benefits to having fast mobile typing speed.

workstation   One last thing to keyboarding is ergonomics. Ergonomics for the workplace are very important because it will help you type quicker and keep your body relaxed. Some examples are keeping your feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, etc. Keeping these ergonomics proper will help you in the workplace greatly and will benefit you while working. Ergonomics at home are also beneficial because you can stay relaxed while on the computer.

To conclude, keyboarding is a very important skill and is crucial in our society, so learning the basics can benefit you in many ways.



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