The Importance of Keyboarding


In the time we are living in now, keyboarding is a very useful skill. For students, their assignments will have to be handed in typed so being able to keyboard quick would be very beneficial. Also, you must be able to keyboard quick so that you can become a teacher. I personally think that keyboarding quickly and accurately is a necessity in our society.

For most jobs, keyboarding is a good skill to have. Jobs that use computers often require keyboarding as an important skill. An example is a Computer Programmer. Keyboarding is a good skill to have because computers won’t be going away anytime soon. Technology will advance greatly over the next few years so learning to type would be important. Also, why type slow when you can learn to type quickly and get used to it? If you are able to type quick, tasks and jobs that require typing documents or assignments can be completed faster. Typing fast also saves a lot of time. In some situations, you may have limited time to type something so being able to type fast will ensure that you finish.

Another thing that relates to typing is mobile typing speed. Mobile typing speed is how fast you can type on a mobile device, such as your smartphone. Mobile typing speed would be important in situations where a computer is not available, so you have to type on your phone. Also, this means you can finish tasks on the go. An example is while riding the bus. These are the benefits to having fast mobile typing speed.

workstation   One last thing to keyboarding is ergonomics. Ergonomics for the workplace are very important because it will help you type quicker and keep your body relaxed. Some examples are keeping your feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, etc. Keeping these ergonomics proper will help you in the workplace greatly and will benefit you while working. Ergonomics at home are also beneficial because you can stay relaxed while on the computer.

To conclude, keyboarding is a very important skill and is crucial in our society, so learning the basics can benefit you in many ways.



Helping Jell-O Jiggle Again

    Just recently, we did a case study about Jell-O. Who is “we”? We are “Bibbhino Consulting”. Our team consisted of Bennett, Fariha, Philip, and myself. Bibbhino means “Diverse” in Bengali. We did a case study about Jell-O because as you might know, Jell-O is currently unpopular. It used to be a popular snack for mainly kids but now it is rarely seen. For example: When our Business class was asked if we recently had Jell-O, barely anyone put their hand up. That is why our consulting company was asked to help Jell-O become popular again!

images    Since Jell-O is unpopular, we came up with new ideas for Jell-O. Our ideas for Jell-O were Jell-O cosmetics, Jell-O stores, and Keeping the jiggle. The plan for Jell-O cosmetics were to make cosmetic products for Jell-O, such as makeup, perfume, lip gloss, etc. This would attract more children because they would enjoy these types of products. Our idea for Jell-O stores were to open stores that sell only Jell-O products. With this idea, we could also create new products to sell for Jell-O, not just food. This would give many opportunities as Jell-O could test new creations and see if they would sell or not. Lastly, keeping Jell-O the same was our last alternative. This would be appropriate because Jell-O is a well known brand so leaving it the same may be the right choice. The alternative we found to be most reasonable was Jell-O stores. Jell-O stores would be the best choice because if the stores were a success, it would bring the most success. If we could get reasonable prices on the products, customers would buy more than one product at the same time, bringing Jell-O a lot of money. One con to this idea is that if the stores were not successful, a lot of money would be wasted on getting the stores ready, making Jell-O lose even more money.

In conclusion, this case study on Jell-O was very fun and useful. It taught us a lot about business and how there are real life situations just like this one. I would definitely not mind doing another case study in the future!

Tweet Chat with Students from Hoover, Alabama


Have you ever had a Tweet Chat? I just had my first one. A Tweet Chat is when multiple people discuss a topic over chat on Twitter using the same hashtag. Our Tweet Chat was with students from Hoover High School. The Tweet Chat was a very enjoyable experience and I would not mind doing another one in the future.

twitter-logoSome things I enjoyed about the Tweet Chat was that the answers were varied greatly and it was interesting reading other people’s opinions on the same topic. When we talked about business, some people had similar thoughts as me, while others had a completely different idea. It was interesting because it showed that not everyone had the same thoughts. Some things I would change about future Tweet Chats are that we should have more time to answer the questions. As some of the questions were harder to explain, we should have an extra minute or two for time. For some questions, I had to rush so that I would not get behind on the next question.

A question on our Tweet Chat was about how social media would help you get a job. I agree with this because when hiring people for a job, the employer would most likely look at your social media account. Looking at someone’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter will usually give you some information on what the person is like. You could use this to your advantage as you could be professional on social media to give anyone a good first impression of you. This would most likely help a great amount when applying for a job. Some social media skills that employers would look for are professionalism, respect, and knowledgable. These skills will help when interacting with others. Personal branding matters because if someone has good personal branding, they are very professional and will be an important figure in business. Business leaders have great personal branding and is probably why they are leaders. Personal branding can be raised with social media. For example: you can announce information about your job or business and explain why it is important over social media. Since mostly everyone has some sort of social media, a lot of people will hear your information and that is how you could become a person with good personal branding.

As you can see, a Tweet Chat is a very efficient way to discuss a topic with multiple people and I would enjoy doing anther in the future.


Business Opportunities in Regina, Saskatchewan

Legislative Building, Regina

   Have you ever wanted to start a business in Regina? The city of Regina is located in Saskatchewan and is also the capital. Although Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, it is the second-largest in the province. The climate in Regina is usually cold. The winters here are very long but the summers are enjoyable. The population of Regina is about 230 000 people. The population of Regina is not as large compared to bigger cities in Canada, such as Vancouver or Toronto. Some famous people from Regina, Saskatchewan are Mark McMorris and Jon Ryan. Mark McMorris is a professional snowboarder. He competed in the Olympics in 2014 and won a bronze medal in the slopestyle event. Jon Ryan is a professional football player. He plays as a punter in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks. In Regina, the biggest key attraction is probably their CFL team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Roughriders most recent win in the Grey Cup was in the 2013 season, against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

   A lot of different businesses operate in Regina. Most businesses are for clothing, accessories and food. The clothing businesses are targeted for different people. For example: Lululemon is mainly directed for women and is not as popular with men. Depending on the type of business, you may attract more people. A new popular accessory store in Regina is Sephora. Sephora is located in the Cornwall Centre and has gained a lot of popularity since it moved in. Sephora is a store for makeup, skin care, etc. The food businesses in Regina are very diverse as there are many different cultural groups in Regina. Since there are lots of different cultural groups, the types of food vary greatly. The food may vary from food that is often seen in Regina, to food from Asia or India. Other important businesses in Regina are Saskpower, Sasktel, SaskEnergy Inc, etc. These businesses help with daily life for citizens in Regina.

The types of businesses in Regina are very diverse. The businesses go from Saskatchewan started businesses such as Sasktel, all the way to businesses that feature something from a completely different place such as Thai Express or Edo Japan. Some businesses are very popular because of their diversity. For example: If a new food business started in Regina that sold food from a different culture, it may gain popularity because people will want to try this new food out. Everyone has a different taste in food, so you cannot tell if a business will thrive or not just based on one person’s opinion.

As you can tell, Regina has many different business opportunities. If you were looking to start a new business, Regina would be an excellent place to do so!